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Profiles of unhoused life, love, and understanding 






Broadleaf Books

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Kim Watson challenges our preconceptions and debunks myths about the homeless of Los Angeles in his new book, TRESPASS... Profiles of Unhoused Life, Love, and Understanding (Broadleaf Books).


Through his powerful words and captivating images, this author, writer, director, and photographer skillfully reveals his subjects' daily struggles, disappointments, and triumphs. The enduring relationships he forms with them are evident in the mutual love and respect that makes this "the project of a lifetime." Throughout his four-year journey, Watson has embodied one crucial principle: the homeless are not "THEM," they are "US."


Pre-order your book today and receive your copy upon the May 14, 2024 release.


  • “  A moving, brave, unflinching, and loving light shined on those who live among us in the shadows. Through stunning images and their own words, Kim Watson gifts us with the vastly complicated but also wholly relatable inner lives of some of our most unlucky and invisible neighbors.”

    —TREY ELLIS, writer and filmmaker

  • “  Through the captivating prose of Kim Watson’s masterpiece, the vibrant tapestry of
    Los Angeles comes alive, revealing the intricate threads that humanize its diverse inhabitants and transform a city of strangers into a chorus of interconnected souls.”

    —JENNIA FREDRIQUE APONTE, artist and cofounder of Art Melanated

  • “  Watson’s deeply felt reflections on his friends and interactions show how much more we all might gain from not only seeing, but embracing, our unhoused neighbors.”

    —RICKY BLUTHENTHAL, PhD, professor of Population and Public Health Sciences and associate dean for Social Justice, Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California

  • “  A graphic view of homelessness in LA’s Skid Row that forces us to face an uncomfortable truth

          TRESPASS and does not allow us to turn away.”

          —Jeremiah Birkett, actor

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